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Snake Bytes 6/18: Time to Cleanse

A quintessential D-backs win that didn’t end quite right.

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MLB: New York Mets at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Mets 5, Diamondbacks 3

I attended this game with my brother and father-in-law (a Mets fan). We got our Hawaiian shirts of remarkable quality. The concession stand lines were long in an obscene way. Perhaps the top level wasn’t used to so many fans. But, it was the kind of game the D-backs know how to win. Maybe give up a run early, but squeak out a few runs and let the bullpen take it over. Somewhere there is a 27 outs cliche to declare. Is it time to worry about Boxberger? During the first three hours of the game I listened to my father-in-law tell me how bad the Mets are this year. For three hours after the game I had to listen to him gloat. Now I just wonder if my Hawaiian shirt is tainted or cursed. Perhaps I need to wash it several times to cleanse it.

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Diamondbacks Trade Sedona Red for Blue in Honor of Father’s Day

The uniforms looked pretty good. They have so many uniforms, I’m not sure if a lucky or unlucky one exists.

D-backs Miller Looks Sharp in Rehab Outing

With both Ray and Miller close to coming back, some decisions will have to be made. Matt Koch has been solid, Clay Buchholz too. Starting pitching depth was a big concern to start the season. But despite a couple of injuries, it has held together so far.

Around MLB

An Experienced Fan Explores the Fan Experience

A great, long article about the details of the fan experience at MLB games. Things like paper cups, smoking, and ball park design is all discussed. The baseball experience has to compete with the television experience. I will say it is easier to get a snack at home than at a sold-out D-backs game.

Real or Not? Bryce Harper Playing His Way Out of $400 million deal.

Paul Goldschmidt is not the only star to have early season issues. Hard to believe Harper is only batting .217 right now. But unlike Goldy, Harper is still very young, so he will command big money regardless. Perhaps, he will have to settle for just the $300 million contract.