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Series Preview #24: D-backs @ Angels

The Diamondbacks look to turn the page after a disappointing end to a promising homestand.

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Los Angeles Angels Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

“Turn the page”. One of my least favorite three-word combinations in the entire English language, right up there with “do the dishes” and “not right now”. It’s a phrase that implies, nay, admits defeat, and serves as a meek call to action with no discernible goal beyond the obvious “let’s go win ourselves some baseball games, boys!”. It offers up no solution. How could it? Instead, it says that how things went should’ve worked, and if it didn’t, well, that’s an anomaly that we should just turn the page and forget. Sure, we could bench our .109 hitting, .392 OPSing, -0.8 WAR-through-44-games sporting catcher for his rally-killing double plays and his putrid decision making skills — putrid everything really — but, hey, usually he’s better than that. If you send him out to embarrass himself and hurt the team enough times, he’s bound to turn the page someday, right?

Thinly veiled Alex Avila attack piece aside, tonight the Diamondbacks travel to beautiful Calif- er, I mean Los Ang- um, Anaheim to face a good Angels team headlined by the one and only Mike Trout coughALMVPdont@mecough. They’ll pit two very flyball-centric pitchers against the best power hitter of this generation, as well as perennial good baseball player Justin Upton and once really good baseball player Albert Pujols. With Paul Goldschmidt back, Jon Jay singling the baseball world to death, and Daniel Descalso in the midst of the best offensive season of his career, this short-stacked series promises to be full of offense. Who will come out on top though? Well, that all depends on pitching.

Starting Pitching Matchups

Game 1: RHP Zack Greinke (5-5, 3.87 ERA) vs. RHP Jaime Barria (5-2, 2.61 ERA)

Advantage: Angels

Game 2: RHP Matt Koch (5-3, 4.09 ERA) vs. TBD

Advantage: N/A


If the Diamondbacks want to win either of these games, their starters need to step up big time. Greinke has a nasty tendency towards the long ball. He either needs to limit the amount of hard contact Angels batters make or get lucky with poor contact on his lower-speed pitches. If he can do one of those while keeping his walks low and his strikeouts high as per usual, the Snakes will easily split the series. If Koch can do the same, a sweep is a definite possibility.


How do you think the D-backs will fare against the Angels?

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