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Preview #70: 6/16 vs. Mets

Saturday Night Fever

Academy Dusts Off Dancing Shoes For ‘Saturday Night Fever’

Today's Lineups

Amed Rosario - SS Jon Jay - RF
Asdrubal Cabrera - 2B Nick Ahmed - SS
Todd Frazier - 3B Paul Goldschmidt - 1B
Wilmer Flores - 1B John Ryan Murphy - C
Brandon Nimmo - RF David Peralta - LF
Devin Mesoraco - C Ketel Marte - 2B
Michael Conforto - CF Chris Owings - CF
Jose Bautista - LF Deven Marrero - 3B
Steven Matz - LHP Patrick Corbin - LHP

For the bulk of its running time, tonight’s game at Chase Field between the Mets and the Diamondbacks will probably have sole ownership of major-league baseball. It’s starting almost two hours after any other game - the contests in Los Angeles, Seattle and St. Louis all get under way at 5:15 pm Arizona time - so unless one of those goes into extra innings, we’ll be the only game in the nation from about the fourth inning on. I presume this late start is something to do with preserving, as far as possible, exclusivity of national broadcast rights on FOX, or similar shenanigans. It’ll make for a late night for your poor recapper, not least because I’ll be at this one so have to get home first.

Still, not as if I have to be up early on Sunday morning, and I’m also fairly optimistic that I’ll be recapping a victory here - that always is considerably more fun than picking over the corpse of a defeat. The D-backs have been on quite a roll of late, and are a blown call at home plate in the Giants series from having gone undefeated six series in a row - much more like the way the team played in April than May. It has been quite the roller-coaster ride this season. April win percentage: .720. May: .296. June: .786. I’ll have to check the books and see if we have ever previously had consecutive months with swings of more than 400 points in our win percentage. I’m suspecting not.

The contrast shows up particularly starkly in the series against the Mets. Over the three games of May in New York, Arizona scored a total of six runs. They’ve done that each game thus far in Arizona. Mind you, it helps that the Mets are going through a streak of offensive futility which seems familiar. Never mind a taco famine, they are on a run of 11 straight games scoring three runs or fewer, posting a line over that time of .139/.216/.256 and with just 16 runs scored in that time. Over the same period, Paul Goldschmidt has crossed home-plate more often (17 runs) by himself, than the entire Mets roster has. If this continues for two more days, I wouldn’t mind too much...