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The Week in Diamondbacks Tweets

In which we discuss how many pregnant women you SHOULD expect to see at Chase Field.

Tweet(s) of the Week

There have been a number of suggestions made to improve baseball: cutting down on strikeouts, speeding up the pace of play, etc. These may have been approaching it from the wrong end...

Okay... Please go on...

/interest rising

#Sold @nomadikatt and @AzSportsGirl63 for Commissioner 2020!

Honorable mentions

The Games in Diamondbacks Tweets

Diamondbacks 9, Rockies 4

Best five minutes of the season in a while. :) Staggering to remember that, no so very long ago, there was a three-week span where the above - giving you barely enough time for a bathroom break - would have been better than average production for an entire GAME...

Diamondbacks 12, Rockies 7

Hmm. I’m sure others here will have some alternative opinions in regard to the above. “Discuss,” as they say...

It was... pretty bad. On the plus side, the interview with the little leaguers in attendance, still offered better insight that Eric Byrnes on Facebook.

Diamondbacks 8, Rockies 3

Paul Goldschmidt is back edition...


Diamondbacks 9, Pirates 5

And we open a new category: Dorito Muncher of the Week, awarded to an armchair manager of note, who clearly knows better than the professionals. Our first winner of this award is...

Diamondbacks 13, Pirates 8

Even the bullpen had to make their own entertainment in this one, as it dragged on... And on...

Diamondbacks 4, Pirates 5

In case you had forgotten - and in light of the rest of the game, I wouldn’t blame you - this was in regard to Peralta’s “assisted” home-run.

I’m curious now. What’s the expected number of visibly pregnant woman to see at a baseball game? There were 3,945,875 births in America last year, with an average term of 40 weeks. But let’s assume 26 weeks when it’s noticeable for easy math. So at any time, there will typically be 1.97 million visibly pregnant woman, out of a population of 325 million, or 0.61%. If we presume a distribution at Chase Field that mirrors the overall population (which is a bit dubious - I’d expect it to be more male-skewed), and given the crowd was 32,803, that would equate to two hundred visibly pregnant women. Seems more than I’d expect... #SlowThursdayAtWork