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Monday Memes 6/11: goldygoldygoldygoldygoldy

I mean, seriously, you knew this was coming.

C’mon. You all saw this coming. When Paul Goldschmidt goes on one of the hottest streaks in recent baseball history, he’s going to have memes dedicated to him. Posts dedicated to him. Children named after him. You know how it goes.

It was just announced the Goldy was named the NL Player of the Week, though I’m fairly certain that is obvious when you go 16-25 with 4 homers, six doubles, a triple, and 3 walks for a 2.130 OPS and 11 RBI. Dear God.

I mean, this was pretty much Goldy walking around Coors Field this week:

Or maybe this is how Goldschmidt has been feeling for the month of June:

But we need to remember: there is no one more humble than Goldy. This is not good enough for Goldy. Goldy demands better for himself.

Goldy’s reaction to Goldy’s hot streak:

I just want to remind everyone: a few weeks ago I asked everyone to meme our offense back to its glory. We did our part and the offense responded in spades.

Don’t give up! Keep up the memes! Let’s sweep the Pirates!