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Monday Memes 5/7: The Streak Continues*

So we split the series with the Dodgers... but we haven’t lost a series yet!

The streak continues! We’re all totally rational fans here. The streak we all really cared about is the streak of not losing a series, which now sits at eleven. The only team in baseball, mind you!

So yeah, AJ (All Jacks) has been really good. And after going 4-3 against the two former World Series teams, we get what everyone loves best: An off day!!!!!

I hate off-days. Mondays already suck until the Dbacks come on and now this Monday just sucks. HURRY UP AND BRING ME THE DODGERS!

Speaking of the Dodgers, remember when Dave Roberts said something funny the other day?

I love that we have all these Dodgers games at the beginning of the season. We just keep pounding them and their fans are absolutely sick of us. I can’t wait for a two game sweep!

Let’s see your memes! Hell Month has begun and we’re off to a good start!