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Beercap 5/6: D-backs Triumph 3-1!

If only the 2001 victory parade looked like this.

Not even sure if I’ve ever done a Sunday Beercap, so let the Sunday Funday begin!

Beer 1: Hamms....a beer of questionable quality

  • Why not start off with some bad beer for hydration? It’s the first truly hot day of the year after all.
  • Koch warming up the pitching griddle. Those cooking puns will only continue to grow as he continues to pitch well
  • So much for that. Oh well, but going againdt Velander...... 0-1 Stros after Koch gives up a solo shot.

Beer 2: Orderville IPA by Modern Times

  • Back to our regularly scheduled fine ale program. Sorry for the delay.
  • Drunk day drinkers abound on Sundays. Lots of fun to watch those people at the bar and know right away they're 10 beers ahead of you. Yay people watching.
  • Despite the HR Koch is pitching a solid game. Very Solid.
  • Verlander does ace things. Its only the 3rd, but you can tell he’s reached his final form.
  • Descalso does it again. God damned if he isn't awesome.

Beer 3: Rum Barrel Aged Pirates Breakfast Stout by Council

  • Is Verlander mortal? Nope. He’s the Highlander. Even a lead-off double and a walk cant faze him. 0-1 still going in to the 5th.
  • Many conversations with day drinkers and my buddy Capt Kirk later, Verlander in another sticky situation...... only to leave Avila stranded at 3rd and Peralta spinning in the dirt after wiffing on a 97mph fast ball. 0-1 Stros and hope begins to fade.
  • Koch, in contrast to Verlander, seems to have his wheels fall right the hell off here in the 6th: Altuve lead-off triple and a hit-by-pitch. Those two things do not spell a good inning.
  • Holy shit. he got out of the inning. Why do I even dream of doubting Koch? I honestly cant tell if this is luck or if he’s just this good. Someone in the comments please enlighten me. 0-1 (somehow) going into the bottom of the 6th

Beer 4: Questionable Advice IPA by Council

  • I'm truly impressed by this game, this excellent IPA and this day in general. Lazy baseball Sundays are the best.
  • AJ is the MVP of this team. period. Turning that borderline triple in to an inside the park homer (no it wasn’t scored as such) was f-ing awesome. Seriously, Corbin and him are playing for big contracts and if the season ended now theyd get them. 2-1 Dbacks.
  • Koch’s day is done as JDLR comes in to hopefully finish the inning (he sure as hell better) Pretty sure we cant expect Shipley to step up like Koch has, but that sure would be awesome. 2-1 Dbacks going in to the bottom of the 7th.
  • JDLR cant finish what Koch started, so it falls to Yoshi to defend the honor of the Dbacks.
  • Yoshi resumes to his old superior form and saves an inning that could have fallen in to peril. 2-1 Dbacks going in to the bottom of the 7th.

Beer 5: Toole Ave IPA by Borderlands

  • Gotta have my last beer (hopefully) be my favorite as Archie comes in to the 8th hoping to hold down the fort.
  • Bradley does what he does in 8th. Can any God fearing Dbacks fan truly tell me that he’s now on par with Goldy as a fan favorite? The beard truly has power.
  • AJ does it again!!!!!! Insurance run courtesy of a clutch hit in the 8th. Yea he got thrown out trying for 2nd, but the damage was already done 3-1 Dbacks!
  • Boxberger boxes up this series and more than a month in to baseball we’ve yet to lose a series!!! 3-1 Dbacks

722 comments in a truly legendary game thread with the top commenters as follows:

AzDbackfanInDc: 196, Jackwriter: 96, Michael McDermott: 63, david.munter: 57, DORRITO: 55, asteroid: 34, Fangdango: 28, shoewizard: 26, MrMrrbi: 25, DeadManG: 21

Shoewizard with the post that captures all our feelings on the game today and specifically Koch’s performance.

Fangraph apppears to be down, but it’s painfully obvious who excelled this game. Anyone who says any other name besides Koch and AJ needs to send themselves to the Tree of Woe.

[Edit. Here it is...]

Click here for details, at
Louis XIV: A.J. Pollock, +36.5%
The Royal Court: Koch, +22.8%; Hirano, +17.0%; Descalso, +15.2%; Bradley, +12.9%
The Court Jester: Paul Goldschmidt, -16.5%%
Lackeys: Steven Souza, -10.3%

Day off for the D-backs tomorrow, then to LA for a two-game set against the Dodgers. Who apparently suck again. :)