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Pit Your Wits ‘18: Week 5

Going to keep this short and sweet, having temporarily lost use of my middle finger

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Last week, you were challenged to come up with a way to counteract the pitcher favoring qualities of the humidor. The best suggestion, according to you all is...

Make the pool in the field of play

Balls hit into it have to be fished out by the fielders. Runners have to flop like a fish while advancing until the ball’s back on the field.

Posted by rekameohs on Apr 28, 2018 | 7:02 PM reply rec (8)

In second place...

Starting pitchers must:

Spend the day and night before

With the sweaty balls

Posted by haikus4hits on Apr 28, 2018 | 8:02 PM reply rec (7)

In third place...

Add an equal number of non-humidified baseballs to those obtained from the humidor,

mix them thoroughly and dispense them to the home plate ump using the plinko machine. No one will know which kind of ball they will be using until it is first pitched (if then.)

How exactly does one measure the humidity of a baseball?

Posted by TylerO on Apr 28, 2018 | 9:30 PM reply rec (6)

Couple of new names going on the leaderboard. Lets see how it shakes out

PYW Standings

Contestant Score
Contestant Score
AzRattler 19
Diamondhacks 19
Smartplays 13
TylerO 10
rekameohs 8
GoldyHitAnotherOne 7
haikus4hits 7
Jackwriter 6
AzDbacksFaninDc 5
MrMrrbi 4
Michael McDermott 3
SedonaRed24 3

There has been some... discussion about pitcher usage this past week, and their inability to pitch an infinite number of innings. Your mission is to come up with a way Archie Bradley can pitch every game, at least one inning. Go!