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Diamondbacks 12, Cincinnati 5

The bats are back, at least for today!

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Koch had an uncharacteristically shaky start, lasting only five innings and giving up five earned runs. Happily, however, the bats showed up today: four Diamondbacks runs in the second, another two in the fourth, three more in the fifth, two in the sixth and one final tack-on run in the bottom of the eighth. As it happened, we finished with more runs than hits (12 to 11), and a bad Reds defense (3 errors) and bad Reds pitching (9 ER, 5 walks) certainly made our lives easier today. Home runs from Nick Ahmed, John Ryan Murphy, and Chris Owings, however, make it clear that we *won* this game; the Reds didn’t just lose it.

Combine the impressive show by the offense with four scoreless innings from our bullpen’s B-list, and the Diamondbacks take the first game of the homestand in convincing fashion.

Full recap to follow soonish...there was a lot of action today, so it might take a bit longer than usual. It’ll be worth the wait, though.