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Monday Memes 5/28: Where Are All The Runs?

After 7 runs on Friday, The Diamondbacks managed a grand total of 1 run between Saturday and Sunday. Let’s hope the Reds and their historically bad pitching can reverse this trend...

I hope you get the pop culture reference for the lead picture. Where are all the runs? Vincent Vega can’t seem to find them, either.

It REALLY seemed like we were going to come out of that funk. We scored 7 runs, Goldy had some RBIs, we finally put JRM in the 3 spot... then Saturday and Sunday happened. Against pitchers I still haven’t heard of. John Ryan Murphy didn’t get a single at-bat (okay, let’s NOT use our best-hitter-not-named-Goldy when we have a freaking DH spot available). Ugh. At least we’re facing the Reds.

If we don’t score many runs against The Reds, you allllll know what’s coming:

In the mean time, I think The Reds pitchers might be getting a tad excited:

Bring on the memes! Let’s all post memes of shaved heads and funky haircuts. Maybe we need to do our part in getting the offense out of this slump?