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Snake Bytes 5/28: Reds and Marlins, Just Saying

Greinke pitched a proper Greinke game, but the offense gave him another loss.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Oakland Athletics Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Athletics 2, Diamondbacks 1

By the end of May, Greinke got his ERA down to a respectable 3.65, but he couldn’t get any wins. He pitched the type of game you’d expect out of him. But when getting 3 hits and 1 run is an improvement, it is proof the D-backs are clearly having some offensive issues. If there was ever a time to turn this ship around, it is now. If the D-backs can take 5 of 6 against the Reds and Marlins at home, perhaps things will look better at the end of it.

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Cardinals’ Josh Rosen, Christian Kirk to Throw Out First Pitch at D-backs Game

We’ve seen some horrible first pitches over the years by athletes. But, rookie QB Josh Rosen, needs to throw a good one. He just does.

Diamondbacks Return Home in Search of Rhythm

Forget rhythm. That’s a goal for the end of this week. How about “several” hits rather than a “couple” or a “few”. Baby steps at this point.

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Panda Looks Like a Natural at Second Base

Things could be worse. Panda playing second base is worse.