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Snake Bytes 5/25: Still Undefeated on Off Days

A pause before a series with Oakland. A bit of a relief.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Duplantier Among NL West Prospects to Watch

He’s pitching well at Double A with good strikeout numbers and a lowering of his walks. He’s the number one prospect (68th overall, yikes) of the Diamondbacks. Observers may contend that he isn’t ready until 2019. Perhaps, but perhaps not.

Corbin, D-backs Open Series in Oakland

At this point, is it even about a series win? How about winning one game for now.

The Diamondbacks’ Miserable May: By the Numbers

A batting average of .184, OPS of .551, 5-16 record. Worst of all, over 100 years, no team has had less than 26 hits over a six game season series with an opponent, the D-backs had 22 against the Brewers. The numbers in the article continue. Read it with a bottle of Pepto is my advice.

Around MLB

The Astros’ Staff is the Best Ever

A FanGraphs article that makes a bold statement backed up by the numbers. With the caveat that the seasons would have to end today. The fact that they already have an 11 WAR is astounding.

Give Us Vladamir Guerrero Jr. or Give us Death

His father could hit a baseball. A true five-tool player. He could hit a ball as far out of the strikezone as anyone. Fun to watch and the Blue Jays might need to bring up his son sooner or later.

Big Sexy’s Big Day: Colon Turns 45, Gets Cake

That is quite the nickname. Go ahead, Big Sexy, eat all your cake.