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Arizona Diamonbacks 2, Milwaukee Brewers 9: BrewCrew Sweep The Slumping Snakes

This time, the pitching sucked too.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Zack Godley on the mound for AZ. A soft-tossing lefty for the Milwaukee Brewers that can barely hit 87 MPH? This has GOT to be the game that kickstarts the Arizona Diamondbacks offense and ends this horrid slump, right?

Oh, however wrong we could be.

Facing Brent Suter, the Diamondbacks went down in order in the first inning on only 9 pitches, with two strikeouts. Godley did his part and the Brewers had their first run by the third batter in the bottom of the 1st, with Godley eventually loading the bases with 2 of his 6 walks before escaping the jam.

Oh, it was going to be one of the games?

Surprisingly, no. At least not yet. The Diamondbacks offense responded with two solo shots in the second inning, one by Paul Goldschmidt in a long at-bat and another by John Ryan Murphy on the first pitch of his AB. Did I mention that I’ve started the John Ryan Murphy bandwagon? A relatively successful inning by Godley and the Diamondbacks were up 2-1 after two innings. Not bad! A lead!

The Diamondbacks offense continued to pour it on in the third with leadoff singles by Godley and Peralta. Four hits through the first ten batters! Our offense is alivvvvvvvvvve!

It’s at this point that I should inform you that David Peralta’s single would be the last hit of the game for the Snakeball offense.

With runners on first and second, Ahmed hit into a semi-productive fielders choice. He avoided the double play and moved Peralta to third, but it’s still an out. Then comes Mr. Three-hole, Chris Owings to promptly strike out with a runner on third and less than two outs... on a ~87 MPH fastball over the heart of the plate. Egads. Goldy would then swing at a fastball well above the belt and line out to center to end the Dbacks threat.

The Dbacks would then have two baserunners for the entire rest of the game. Against Brent Suter and Co. This offensive slump cannot end soon enough.

And then there was Zack Godley who just didn’t have it today. In what seems to be a running theme for Godley, he was overthrowing all of his pitches, missing the strike zone wildly, and leaving plenty of curveballs up in the zone to get crushed. He got through the first three innings relatively unscathed, though he was in trouble in every inning and entered the fourth with over 60 pitches. And that is where things just fell off a cliff.

Godley gave up a leadoff single to Jett Bandy (+++ name, terrible choice in college). Up came Suter to bunt and a rare Goldy error had him reach. Suddenly, the BrewCrew had runners on 1st and 2nd, no outs, and the top of the order up. Hernan Perez hit a deep line drive to LF which Peralta caught, but Bandy had some nifty base running and advanced to third. The Dbacks challenged the call but it was upheld (people on Twitter said he looked out but I didn’t see the play and apparently there wasn’t enough evidence to overturn). First and third, one out - sound familiar?

The Dbacks scored no runs in this arrangement. The Brewers scored seven.

Christian Yelich walked to load the bases. Jesus Aguilar had a two-run single to give the Brewers a 3-2 lead. Travis Shaw then blasted a three-run dinger to RF; 6-2 Brewers. However, the Dbacks kept Godley in the game, only for him to give up a double to Domingo Santana and a walk to Jonathan Villar to end his day. Fernandro Salas came him, gave up an RBI single to Tyler Saladino (++ name) and a second run would score thanks to an error by Chris Owings in CF. 8-2 Brewers.

And that’s pretty much the rest of the game. McFarland would come in and eat up some low leverage innings for the Diamondbacks. The Brewers would score an additional run via a solo shot by Saladino off Archie Bradley but that was it. The Dbacks had two baserunners in the last 6 innings of the game and once again, just looked completely lost. It was nice to see Goldy homer, draw a walk, and overall look decent at the plate but other than him and John Ryan Murphy, the game was a real disaster to watch.

★★★ Jett Bandy (name)

★★ Tyler Salandino (name)

-★ Jett Bandy (school)

^- this should totally read as negative stars.


Let’s be real, they weren’t actually positive: John Ryan Murphy (7.9%), Paul Goldschmidt (5.8%), Zack Godley the hitter (3.4%)

Le sigh: Zack Godley the pitcher (-41.9%)

Comment of the day goes to GoldyHitAnotherOne for somehow correctly guessing a Goldy dinger in the month of May.

Overall there were 390 comments for today’s game, which seems surprising to me considering it started before the sun came up in Phoenix and we’re in the middle of being awful. Participants included:

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