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Dbacks 0, Brewers 1

Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Another day, another loss from the Diamondbacks, and once again it rests solely on the shoulders of the offense. They managed absolutely nothing tonight, and the few times they did get on base, they ran into outs on the bases, erasing they might have put together before they even happened. The worst offender was Ketel Marte, who ran into two outs on his own, once trying to stretch a clear single into a double and then getting doubled off on a fly ball that Lorenzo Cain slid for and caught. In the eighth, Jerrod Dyson ran into a out of his own when he easily stole second base, but was called out after he over slid the base and was tagged out, and again in the ninth, Nick Ahmed was thrown out by about a mile on a steal attempt.

Matt Koch was more than serviceable, though his defense helped him on more than one occasion. He sat down the first eleven he faced, before giving up a single and a walk to Lorenzo Cain and Travis Shaw respectively. He got out of that, though, thanks to an easy Play of the Year contender from Dyson as he stole a three run home run from Domingo Santana.

Bullpen also did well. The only run they gave up was an inherited runner that Jorge De La Rosa allowed to come in on a sac fly. Beyond that, he, Hirano, and McFarland kept the Brewers at the one run. Full recap to follow, assuming it doesn’t get thrown out at second base.