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Dbacks 4, Dodgers 3

Game two of the Dbacks/Dodgers series featured Clayton Kershaw facing off against Matt Koch. Many fans wrote this game off before it even began, and I guess you could be forgiven for that. But it’s going to take much, much penance will be required.

To be fair, they didn’t manage a whole lot against Kershaw, but the Dodgers didn’t manage much more against Koch either. The Dbacks did manage some, however, putting two on the board, including another AJ Pollock home run. Both pitchers threw well, keeping it a one run Dodger lead going into the bullpen.

Once the Dbacks got to the Dodgers bullpen, that changed. Daniel Descalso hit a two run triple to take the lead, and the Diamondbacks pen took it from there. Archie Bradley threw a scoreless inning, and Brad Boxburger got the save, despite giving up a walk. Full recap to follow when I get home from the park!