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Get to know AA Jackson Generals 2B/LF Jamie Westbrook

Wesley Baier conducts an interview with Diamondbacks prospect Jamie Westbrook, who grew up in the Valley area

Minor League Baseball: Arizona Fall League-Scottsdale Scorpions at Salt River Rafters
Jamie Westbrook during an Arizona Fall League game at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Jamie Westbrook is an Arizona native, who was born, raised and graduated high school in Gilbert, Arizona. Westbrook was drafted by the Diamondbacks in the 5th round of the 2013 Draft out of Basha Highschool in Gilbert. I asked Jon Duplantier who to interview next, and he suggested Jamie Westbrook, so I contacted Jamie on Instagram, and had a short and casual interview. I’ve edited the interview for clarity and to make it much more readable.

Wesley Baier: As a local who grew up in the Phoenix area, how did you feel being drafted by the Diamondbacks?

Jamie Westbrook: It was awesome being drafted by the hometown team. I grew up watching them every night, and I played on the Diamondbacks scout team in high school, so I was already familiar with the complex. I was also happy to have my family and friends be able to watch me during spring training and the Arizona League. (Note- The Arizona League is the lowest level in the minors)

Wesley Baier: What’s your approach to the game as hitter, and what’s your approach as a defender?

Jamie Westbrook: I try to be an aggressive hitter and drive the ball. I’m trying to do damage ever time I hit. Defensively, I play multiple positions, so I’m trying to be versatile as I can be to help the team win.

Wesley Baier: I noticed that this your third time through Double A, but the results this time looks a little different to me. Is there anything different you are doing this year that you’d attribute that success to?

Jamie Westbrook: This being my third time in the league I’ve leaded a lot even though I’m still relatively young. I’ve made some adjustments with my swing in the offseason, and mentally I’ve take a more laid back approach and it’s paid off so far.

Wesley Baier: Do you have any pregame rituals, or weird quirks that you have in the batters box?

Jamie Westbrook: No weird pregame rituals, but I tap the dplate and then draw a line with my back foot every time. Nothing crazy but it’s just a superstition.

Wesley Baier: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Jamie Westbrook: Sounds cliche but just to have fun and not be too serious playing. We are blessed to able to a childhood game for a living. Can’t beat it.

Wesley Baier: What’s the worst off the field expierence you’ve had while being in the minors?

Jamie Westbrook: Man, there has been so many interesting experiences in the minor leagues, to name one of the worst would be too hard. I try to look at everything as a memory and laugh. It’s all part of it.

Wesley Baier: What do you when you are not playing baseball?

Jamie Westbrook When I am not playing baseball I’m usually catching up with family and friends back home, or watching a Major League Baseball game.

Wesley Baier: Favorite movie, television show, musical artist/band, video games?

Jamie Westbrook: Favorite movie is The Grinch with Jim Carrey, television show is Power on Starz. My favorite artist is either Adele or Drake. Video games, I’m definitely an Xbox Call of Duty guy. Can’t stand Fortnite shockingly.

Wesley Baier: What’s your favorite place to eat in the valley?

Jamie Westbrook: Best spot to eat in the valley is my mom’s house. Best food around and I stand by it.

Wesley Baier: Tell me why Tucson is better than Phoenix?

Jamie Westbrook: I plead the fifth on the last one.

At that point I laughed out loud and ended the interview. Through out the interview, and just chatting outside of the interview, I found Jamie to have a very good attitude and great mental makeup as far as scouting him as prospect goes. Like every other prospect I’ve talked to, I found Jamie to be extremely gracious. You can follow Jamie Westbrook on instagram @jwesunderscore4. Next time: Drew Ellis, 3B, Visalia Rawhide.