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Snake Bytes 5/17: Descalso Cannot Do It Alone

When Daniel Descalso is your best hitter batting third - you’ve got problems.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Arizona Diamondbacks Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Diamondbacks 2, Brewers 8

Matt Koch pitched poorly, but maybe everyone deserves a bad start. We’ll see how he responds. Perhaps more concerning, is the offense is not scoring runs or even getting that many hits. That has to change if the D-backs want a shot to win the NL West. Injuries are not totally to blame. The team is hitting poorly almost across the board with Descalso being the lone bright spot. He hit his 5th homer and is doing his job.

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Daniel Descalso Shares Mindset for Big Moments

Descalso has been trying to convince his teammates, like Chris Owings who is back in center, to go out there and have fun. Don’t worry about looking like a fool, just do your best sort of thing. That sort of attitude seems to help him in critical moments.

Hazen on D-backs Offense: ‘We Have to Give These Guys Time’

In the last 17 games, the D-backs have only once scored 5 runs or more. Hard to believe. Injuries play a role, but for the most part the team has to start producing. It’s not like Hazen can replace the lineup. Hopefully, it will get better. In baseball, you are rarely as bad or as good as you think you are.

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The Rockies have been a good team the last year and a half despite their gaping void at first base and the corner outfielders. With a history of Helton, Galarraga, Walker, Burks, Bichette, and so on, it is hard to imagine the Rockies being weak at those spots.

Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera Says He’s ‘Done Playing Hurt’

He is saying that nobody appreciates all the time he has played hurt, so he’s not going to do it anymore. I’ve told my wife that she doesn’t appreciate it when I do the laundry, so I’m not doing it anymore. That did not go over well at all.