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Monday Memes 5/14: The World Is Ending

Welp, that’s it. We lost a series. The season is over. There is no possible way we bounce back from this. /s

That’s it. Throw in the towel. The season is over. We lost a series. The games were all close but it doesn’t matter. We suck now. We’re never going to win another game. Who cares if we were the last team to lose a series and have the second-best record in the NL. It’s over.




That’s how it feels right now. And that’s a natural reaction for a fan to have. Forget the stats. Forget the fact that we know we won’t lose every game for the reason the season. Forget the fact that we’re actually a good team that has faced a pretty tough schedule and several of our top contributors are injured and/or underperforming. Sometime being a fan is about the FEELZ and not the REALZ.

And that’s where memes come in. Memes aren’t meant to be “right”. They’re meant to be an expression of ourselves; a means of conveying our feelings to one another within our community. This is the time to post the “We suck again!” memes despite our boss trying to shut us down. We need an outlet to express ourselves and through memes, we can do that. Let us vent and let us bond together in our sorrows and misery. It is in these low moments that we can grow our strongest together.

We all love Goldy. There is not a single person that doesn’t literally love Goldy. It’s impossible. But watching him struggle is really taxing our souls right now. We can’t stand to watch him in key at-bats because we know a strikeout is imminent. But he’s Goldy. He’s our Goldy. We know he’s going to rebound. But sometimes, you just gotta vent:

Together, through the power of memes, we shall end Goldy’s slump!

Isn’t that right, David Peralta?

Let’s do this sneks! Let’s meme Goldy back to his true form!