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Diamondbacks 1, Nationals 3: Live Beer at a Live Game

Winning tickets, especially excellent tickets, in a raffle is awesome. What is perhaps awesomer is turning those free tickets into a live beercap. Let us begin!

MLB: Houston Astros at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Record: 24-14. Pace: 102-60. Change on 2017: +3.

Beer 1: MoonJuice IPA

  • There’s a reason I don’t do many beercaps at the game....$14 beers is one of them. Still, at least they got some choices now.
  • Koch dishes out a meatball to Turner and before I’m even through sip 1 its 0-1 Nats.
  • Dyson, you glorious bastard! A solid bunt turns majestic off an errant throw by Scherzer, moving Peralta to 3rd and Dyson on to 2nd.
  • Goldy, what on earth is wrong with you? I’m sitting in the first row in section 200 almost direct behind home and i can see how horrible his timing is. He’s off. Way off.
  • His failure followed by Descalso and Owings makes for a sad Turambar.
  • Marte should obviously hit lower in the order a bit more often as he legs out a triple. Seriously, maybe all our slumping bats need is a shuffling of lineup spots.
  • Yet despite that we strand yet another runner. Gahhhhh!!!
  • Gotta agree with the other ‘Pitters, Koch lives on the edge with his pitches. Thus he somehow gets out of the 2nd and 3rd without any blood.

Beer 2: Kiltlifter

  • Peralta yearns for blood as he lets fly an offering to the blood god. 1-1 going in to the 4th.
  • Koch’s valiant effort of dancing on the razors egde cuts him and its 1-2 Nats
  • “ He’s out? He just got up there.” Quote my girlfriend as she watches Avila fail again in the 4th. Yay under producing offense!
  • Koch somehow returns to dominance mode. Really confused on what the hell kinda pitcher he is or will be. Please someone in the comments enlighten me on him.
  • Goldy once having a bad night. Hes gotta be ill. nothing else makes sense. Dbacks once again fail to deliver any offense. At all. 2-1 Nats
  • Koch deals again and the Dbacks bats dont again. Avila though seeks to obtain the inglorious prize of the golden sombrero with his 3rd SO of the night..........

Beer 3: Here’s to Looking Your Old Address IPA by 1912

  • Bullpen cart activated, but not by us.....
  • The bottom of the 9th came quickly and cruelly and my GF and I walk over to the Whining Pig. Good beer to help water down this frustrating game.
  • Frustrating games ends before beer does. Yay.
Bells and whistles, by Jim

Sorry this took a bit of time. I was watching Assassin’s Creed with Mrs. S, which was... interesting. I couldn’t tell the CGI from the real things. And that was just the characters. I think it must have been all the smoke... Anyway, in honor of that, the theme for tonight’s Win Probability graph is “Movies based on Video Games”.

Click here for details, at
Mortal Kombat: David Peralta, +11.0%
Super Mario Bros: Chris Owings, -19.5%
Street Fighter: Ahmed, -14.5%; Descalso, -11.0%

Not a happy Gameday Thread: rarely is, when we never lead a game. Those present were AZDovs11, Andrew Chrun, BenSharp, BigSmarty, BobDolio, CumulusChoir, DORRITO, DeadManG, Diamondhacks, Fangdango, GuruB, JTyson, Jackwriter, Jim McLennan, Makakilo, Michael McDermott, MrMrrbi, Renin, ShirtOffYourBack, Sprankton, Xerostomia, asteroid, coldblueAZ, kilnborn, megnetic, onedotfive, shoewizard and smartplays. No comments turned Sedona Red, so let’s just move on, shall we. Tomorrow sees some scrub pitcher take the mound. Strosborg or something. He’ll be facing Troy Scribner, and it’s a rare afternoon game because national TV. Bear that in mind.

Oh, anything else you’d like to add, Turambar?

Now that the unpleasantness of that game is past witness the glory of this Brute Squad interview with this Doyers fan: [Interview recorded before the Dodgers lost to the Reds, after being one-hit by Matt Harvey, tee-hee!]