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Snake Bytes 5/10: Bullpen Finally Leaks a Bit

The Diamondbacks now lead the season series against the Dodgers with “only” an 8-4 record. Unbeaten season streak continues.

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Arizona Diamondbacks  v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Dodgers 6, Diamondbacks 3

Patrick Corbin pitched well, but a high pitch count forced him out of the game after 5 innings. A bit disappointing considering the whole bullpen was used in the 12-inning marathon the night before. The bullpen of Salas and De La Rosa could not keep the game in reach. A quick look at the boxscore and it is almost shocking that we now have a reliever (Salas) with an ERA over 3.00. Another quick look at the offensive side of the boxscore and you will see just how poorly the team is hitting for average, save AJ Pollock. The Nationals are next and the Diamondbacks look to their 13 series unbeaten streak in a 4 game set.

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Ahmed Turns on Jets for Inside-the-park HR

Always an exciting play and Ahmed got around the bases in 15.43 seconds. Apparently, that’s pretty fast, the fastest time recorded so far this year. He needed it to be that fast with the close play at the plate.

Greinke Moved Up to Start Thursday

He will be on normal rest. McFarland had to pitch the extra-inning game so he’s out (probably a good thing). Shipley is on the DL. It makes sense to bring Greinke up, I’m just glad Lovullo was willing to do it since he loves to gives his guys as much rest as possible.

Starter Clay Bucholz Makes Triple-A Debut as D-backs Mull Rotation Options

Clay pitched fine, 6 innings 4 runs, but now he will not be available until Sunday as the Diamondbacks try to figure out how to fill their hole in the rotation left behind since Robbie Ray’s injury.

Steven Souza: “I Play the Game Really Hard”

He is right to play hard. He is right not to apologize for his hard slide into third base. And he was right to put the spotlight back on Chase Utley who has been playing “hard” or maybe dirty for years.

Around MLB

Does Any Team Want to Win the AL Central?

Currently, the Indians are on top with a .500 record. This FanGraphs article goes into the numbers, which may predict a terrible team could win it.

The Year of Near No-hitters

This fine article shows that near no-hitters lasting to the 5th, 6th, or 7th innings have spiked this year. Even Jeremy Hellickson is getting in on the act.

Mets Bat Out of Order, Ending Potential Rally

Just unbelievable, this sort of thing happens in T-ball I guess. Mets fans don’t seem surprised, but I am. The Mets’ manager, Mickey Callaway, wasn’t willing to blame anyone except himself.