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Monday Memes 4/9: Dodgers Suck Edition

I prefer my Dodgers tears extra salty

We’re 9 games in and we already have a 4 game lead over the Dodgers. Kenley Jensen sucks now. Their entire offense has as many home runs as Matt Davidson. Kershaw is 0-2 in three starts. And their fans have been extra salty.

I don’t want to jump any guns yet, but since the start of the Wild Card era, 114 teams have started out the season, of which only 18 (15.7%) made the playoffs. Might as well play for the first draft spot now, right Dodgers fans?


In other news, how about that new closer of ours? Brad Boxberger looks pretty awesome so far and currently leads the MLB in saves. Memify!

If you’re new to memes and/or you’re a certain boss at this website

For those of you that don’t communicate via meme or only took a year of it back in high school because you were forced to, well, you’re in luck. The website is a pretty good spot to check out for memes, their history, and how they’re used.

Celebratory GIFs

I don’t know about you, but I want more celebratory GIFs whenever we win. Last week, I showed off the Diamondbacks Win meme from Dodgeball, which was mimicked by Godley in the dugout last season. Well, how about this one?

That’s what I’ve got for now. Let’s kick off a new week!