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Snake Bytes 4/30: Lose, Lose

The Diamondbacks lose the game and Robbie Ray for an unknown length of time.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Washington Nationals Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Nationals 3, Diamondbacks 1

Robbie Ray injured his oblique in the second inning. T.J. McFarland filled in admirably and get the Diamondbacks in the game. This time, the offense couldn’t find that timely hit to manage more than one run. Of course, they already clinched the series win and will face the Dodgers next. Remarkably, the Diamondbacks won every series in April, yet at 19-8, they only have one series sweep. Against the Dodgers.

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Robbie Ray Exits Game with Strained Right Oblique in 2nd

A couple of years ago, Greinke strained his oblique and the rest of the Diamondbacks train fell apart. His oblique injury was frustratingly long to heal and he returned not quite himself. But this is Robbie Ray, he’s younger and knows how to come back after injury. For now, it’s the next man up. Perhaps, T.J. McFarland? He’s pitched well since last year. He just had a super disaster of a start last year, but that might just be a mulligan. Otherwise, we need someone in the Minors. Duplantier has a 1.80 ERA and 2-0 record with the Generals and looks good doing it. He’d certainly be the fun choice.

D-backs at Home Versus World Series Teams

The Diamondbacks have their homestand against the Dodgers for four game and the Astros for three. The series streak is still alive, but it is going to be tough to continue past this week. Certainly can be done by this team that just keeps winning. The hardest part is the Dodgers series is 4 games. Harder to win those series and the Diamondbacks have not had to deal with that yet, which is kind of odd actually. Should be fun to watch.

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