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Snake Bytes 4/26: Greinke Throws Gift to Phillies in 6th

Greinke gave up a lead in the 6th leaving the D-backs having to win today for 8th straight series victory.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Phillies 5, Diamondbacks 3

Why does Greinke seem to lose it late in games? Despite a 3.20 ERA last year, he tended to give up runs late and the trend continues. Even before joining the D-backs, he had evolved into smart pitcher with control and accuracy as his strength over velocity. He clearly knows how to pitch. But in his last year with the Dodgers, he pitched a quality start in all but two games. With the D-backs, his efforts after the fifth have been hit-or-miss (literally). Is it age? Does his command that he relies upon weaken as his arm fatigues? Poor luck? The Diamondbacks have a strong bullpen, maybe they should use it despite the money they pay for Greinke’s services. The season is still young, but it might be time to take a closer look. The D-backs offense did have opportunities late to bail Greinke out and missed them. The rubber match has frequently been the game that continues the series win streak, let’s hope it continues.

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D-backs-Phils Only on Facebook Today

For those of us who are anti-social media that happen to be D-backs fans, today is a tough one. For those of us lucky to work with internet access, today’s game starting at 10:00 will be the perfect excuse for production loss.

Walker Undergoes Successful TJ Surgery

I’m waiting for the day one of these surgeries will be described as unsuccessful. But this is good. In 12 months we can start talking about Walker replacing whoever gets hurt next year. I hate it, but that seems to be how it goes.

The Hot Start by the Diamondbacks’ Bullpen by the Numbers

A MLB best ERA of 1.89. A batting average against of .193 (second in MLB). Lots of other interesting numbers in this article. Keep it up.

Matt Koch’s Curveball Showing Improvement

This pleases me. Ray and Godley really improved with their curveballs. Perhaps Koch will be next. He faces the Phillies today and may very well need it to be good.


A Manny Machado Trade Has Become Inevitable

For the Diamonbacks to win the sweepstakes, they will have to give up some assets. Should they wait and hope the price goes down? Should they stick their roster and preserve their prospects for the future? At the very least, he doesn’t need to go to an NL contender.

Ex-substitute Teacher Schools Dodgers with 10 K’s

The Marlins have dipped into the substitute teacher pool to find some talent. Honestly, those of us who have entered a classroom of 30 unruly children, know full well that substitute teaching might be harder than pitching to the Dodgers.