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Dbacks 8, Phillies 4

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

A rainy day in Philly was the backdrop for a hard fought win for the Diamondbacks tonight. Robbie Ray had a decidedly mixed bag of results on the evening. He only managed to last 4.2 innings this evening, giving up three earned runs on five hits and three walks in the process. However, out of the 14 outs he record, 11 of them were by strike out. What killed him was a terrible BABIP and those three walks all coming at a terrible time.

The offense made none of that matter. They put up crooked numbers in the third, fifth, and eighth innings, and a solo run in the sixth, just for good measure. Alex “The Most Hated Man on the Dbacks” Avila lead the way with three hit, two RBI game, with every position player reaching base, though it took Marte until the ninth inning to join the fun.

A successful start to a tough series. Full recap to follow soon