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Prospect Interview: Marcus Wilson, CF Visalia Rawhide

Wesley Baier has a quick chat with Dbacks Prospect and Visalia Rawhide Centerfielder, Marcus Wilson

Marcus Wilson was drafted out of high school with number 69 pick overall in the 2014 draft. His first year in the minors, Wilson struggled, but has improved upon each season in the minors. He’s gone from a 75 wRC+ his first year, to an 88 wRC+ his second, to a 123 wRC+ in his third year, finally breaking out with a 135 wRC+ last year. This year he’s started off slow, but was leading his team, Advanced A Ball Visalia in walks. In his last four games however, he’s been on a very hot streak, going 10 for 18, and raised his batting average from .087 to .219 in just those four games. I contacted him via Instagram(@mw12), and he gladly agreed to conduct a quick interview.

Wesley Baier I’ve noticed that you have improved upon every season you’ve had in the minors; What drives you and motivates you as a player to get through the 150+ game seasons?

Marcus Wilson: I’ve always wanted to be the guy that was improving every aspect of my game every year for people to say he gets better every year. My dream since I was a little kid was to play in the big leagues, but I don’t want to just get there, I want to stay there. So that’s the motivation.

Wesley Baier How do you approach the game offensively, and how do you approach the game as a defender?

Marcus Wilson: Offensively: Selective Aggressive because I don’t want to swing at everything but I also can’t miss my pitch. Defensively: Always aggressive

Wesley Baier: When You are on a off day, what to do you to unwind?

Marcus Wilson: On my off days I just do a lot of recovery stuff and just try to relax really

Wesley Baier As a former pitcher, Randy Johnson was my hero growing up, who was yours? And why?

Marcus Wilson: Manny Ramirez. He always had success, great swing, and played the game always having fun.

Wesley Baier: What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Marcus Wilson: The best advice I’ve gotten is the corniest line in baseball “Trust the process”. When I started to believe it, that’s when I took my game to another level.

Wesley Baier What’s your favorite food?

Marcus Wilson: Burgers

Wesley Baier: Musical Artist?

Marcus Wilson J. Cole

Wesley Baier Tv Show?

Marcus Wilson The Blacklist

I thanked Marcus for his time, and he thanked me in return, ending the interview.