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Introducing Monday Memes!

You asked for it! (Probably)

Yes, that’s right. It’s Monday and that means it’s time for some memes!

This is a new weekly post that we plan to run every Monday. This thread will have reduced rules enforcement (namely, no limit to the amount of images/gifs/memes/whatever you post). The rules of these threads:

  • Swearing is allowed but please don’t go overboard.
  • No crude/sexual/”rated-X” content
  • Keep politics to a minimum (e.g. I don’t mind a meme that features Trump but don’t argue about politics)
  • Memes must be related to the Diamondbacks, baseball, or this community in some fashion
  • Drunk posting is not only allowed but highly encouraged

Hopefully, these threads will turn into a lot of fun and let some of the regulars go loose within some confines of less-restrictive rules. If AzDbackfaninDC wants to post a bunch of SIRENS memes, this is the place to do it.

To get things kicked off, here are some good ones I’ve seen from the Diamondbacks Reddit (

How the Rockies felt after the first two games:

And pretty much the greatest GIF of all time:

Let’s see those memes!