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Snake Bytes 4/2: Tomas No Mas

Yasmany Tomas was indeed place on waivers. But he’ll remain in the system since owners and Yasmany himself aren’t crazy.

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Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

D-backs Place Tomas on Outright Waivers

Rumors confirmed, but not a surprise. Since he will take his player option and another team won’t pick up his salary, this was about clearing 40-man roster space. Time to move on and take our medicine.

Is Ray’s Velocity Cause for Concern

A drop of a mph or two on his fastball is not why he had a rough opening start. His fastball velocity is the last thing to be concerned about I would think.

Yet Again, D-backs Season Goals Go Through the Dodgers

Whether it is wanting to win the NL West rather than shoot for a Wild Card or make it to the World Series, the Dodgers loom. The Dodgers have such a high payroll capacity, this will be a forever theme.

Around MLB

Opening Day Payrolls Down in 2017

The graphs on FanGraphs don’t lie. It shows the D-backs as the team raising their payroll most substantially by $38.3 million. That’s even after declining to resign J.D. Martinez (who may have picked the wrong year to do what he did).

How the White Sox Are Redefining Tanking

It wasn’t that long ago, D-backs fans were debating the idea of giving up on now and trading best players for prospects. A strong first-half last year changed that mindset. A poor first-half this year could change it again. I’m just happy that in baseball, when you tank, you don’t have to lose games on purpose like the Suns are doing now.