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Snake Bytes 4/19: D-backs Will Need to Win Tonight to Keep Series Streak Alive

After a tough, close loss, Greinke will take the hill to win yet another series tonight.

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San Franciso Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Giants 4, Diamondbacks 3

The Diamondbacks came back late in this one to tie it up. But a Brandon Belt two-run homer against the previously dominant Brad Boxberger proved to be a bit too much. Robbie Ray pitched a good game striking out 9 while lowering his ERA to under 5 after some early season difficulties. Greinke goes tonight hoping for a sixth-straight series win to continue the streak.

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Taijuan Walker to Have Tommy John Surgery

It’s almost expected for someone to need it early each year. I’ve finally learned to ignore pitchers who say they are “fine” after forearm tightness. But, as always, now is the time to be optimistic about it all (to avoid crying). Walker may have been 5th best in the rotation, but since he’d be the ace on some other teams, it is still going to hurt. Koch and Shipley have shown some positives in spring training and the minors. Perhaps, another Zack Godley? Shelby Miller will be back this summer too. He may need a spot in the rotation later this year to prepare himself as the Patrick Corbin replacement who will most certainly leave for more money next year. In two years, Miller will be gone too perhaps, but Walker will be back. See, it all works. Just don’t need this to happen anymore.

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Arizona Diamondbacks Double-A Prospect Hits for the Cycle

Cribbs is batting .486 this season so far. I don’t know if he is big league material, but now would not be the time to give up the dream.


Updated 2018 MLB Draft Rankings

It might be safe to say that the D-backs could use help at just about every position in the farm system. FanGraphs rates the prospects and they all look good to me.

The Underappreciated Legacy of Larry Doby

He joined MLB about 11 weeks after Jackie Robinson. He was the first African-american to play in the AL, at a time when the leagues were much more separated. Every year, we have Jackie Robinson Day, but perhaps Larry Doby should be in that conversation as well.