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Arizona Diamondbacks 9, Los Angeles Dodgers 1

An easy win for the D-backs, despite losing both their starter early, and a Deven Marrero homer

Arizona Diamondbacks  v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

The Diamondbacks clinched their fifth straight series win to open the season, and won their 11th consecutive regular-season game over the Dodgers. But it was not without cost, as starting pitcher Taijuan Walker had to leave the game after only two innings, with what the team later described as “forearm tightness”. Fingers crossed that doesn’t mean what you’re thinking it might. T.J. McFarland was pressed into long relief, and did everything we could have hoped giving the team four scoreless innings, during which time the bats broke out to open the game up.

Paul Goldschmidt provided the first big blow, with a two-run homer in the third inning, and had three hits - his OPS is now up to .871. A.J. Pollock had a pair of long balls, in the fifth and the eighth, and Alex Avila got his first home-run as a Diamondback in the ninth. That counterbalanced the ultimate TOOTBLAN earlier: Deven Marrero hit was should have been a three-run homer, but Avila didn’t think it was going out, so was heading back to first-base and ended up being passed by Marrero. That turned it into a two-run single. If this hadn’t been a blowout, I might be somewhat annoyed. But the D-backs will go for the sweep tomorrow.

Stephen C will be along with a guest recap later, but since he’s at the game in LA, it might be a while. Fairly sure he won’t have left this one early!