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A Guide to Experiencing the Diamondbacks on the Cheap

Baseball can be expensive for the fans. How can it be less expensive?

MLB: NL Wildcard Practice The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK


D-Backs tickets aren’t wildly expensive, with outfield reserve seats (upper deck, past the 1st and 3rd base line) costing 16 dollars a piece. If you’re looking for tickets that actually provide a decent view, say, infield reserve (upper deck, centered around home plate), that’ll regularly cost 24 dollars a piece. Compared to other teams and sports this is fairly inexpensive, but for a family you can be looking upwards of 100 dollars on tickets alone. However, there are a few ways you can save on ticket costs.

  • Military and first responders receive 50% discounts on every single game of the season.
  • If you are a high school or college student, you can register for the student pass. Five dollar ticket offers are sent out on the day of select games (normally Tuesday and Friday at 10 AM) to those who sign up. In my experience, seats have always been in either the infield reserve or bullpen reserve sections. It is free to join the text list.
  • Our own Keegan Thompson suggests using the secondary market (Stubhub) a couple hours before game-time. Sellers will greatly reduce prices as game-time nears in order to prevent a total loss on their investment.
  • From another member of our staff: “Some Diamondback employees are empowered to give away free game tickets if it makes the Diamondbacks look good. First, think of a reason that makes you (and maybe your friends) going to a game something that benefits society and/or makes people feel great! Second, remember to explain why tickets are unaffordable due to your temporary financially stressed situation (student, medical bills, unemployed...). Third, describe the situation to the Diamondbacks employee. It’s OK to exaggerate and be emotional! Fourth, be flexible and wait for a response.”
  • If you can get a group of 15 people together, the D-Backs offer discounted group rates.
  • Matinee games are an opportunity for big discounts, if you’re able to go. Additionally, Arizona Sports 98.7 FM offers $9.87 tickets for four of these daytime games.
  • The D-Backs value pack provides a ticket in either the bleachers or infield reserve section, a hot dog, and a soda for prices ranging from 19 to 30 dollars.
  • My favorite way to save on tickets is an app called INWEGO. For 29 dollars per month, you get a ticket to every single D-Backs, Coyotes, Suns, Phoenix Rising, Arizona State, and Rattlers game. You also get access to almost every concert at The Van Buren, Crescent Ballroom, Comerica Theatre, and Valley Bar, though occasionally tickets pop up for events at Ak-Chin or the arenas. You can also get tickets to a variety of other events and festivals that come to Phoenix. I was suspicious when I first subscribed, but I’ve now been paying for about three months and haven’t had any problems. Go to two D-Backs games per month and it’s paid for itself, check it out their website here and a review of the app here.

Alright, you’ve gotten your ticket deal, you and the family are heading down to the ballpark. Unfortunately, the costs have just begun.


D-Backs parking costs aren’t too bad, but I am still irked every time I have to shell out another 10 dollars leave my car somewhere. Luckily, there are options! For paid parking, the best lot is, hands-down, the Jackson Street East Lot. The cost is 10 dollars, the walk to the stadium takes a couple minutes, and very few people park in the lot, making for easy exit. The lot is located East of the stadium. If you are looking for free parking, Jackson Street is still the way to go. Plenty of street parking is available if you’re willing to make a 10 minute walk to the stadium, just beware of no parking signs and red curbs.


Ohhhhhhhh, boy, this one is a doozy. On Opening Day, my father and I headed up to Redhot and purchased:

  • One D-Backs Dog (7.00)
  • One Corn Dog (7.00)
  • One Large Soda (7.50)
  • One Dos Equis (13.50)

35 dollars for the two cheapest entrees and two drinks. Wowza. How can you avoid this highway robbery?

  • Purchase ticket packages that include food, either the all-you-can-eat seats or the value pack. The link also shows the value concession items, all of which can be purchased at Doubleheaders.
  • Don’t buy concessions. Eat before the game, bring food, bring water. Whatever you have to do to avoid the rip-off that is ballpark concessions, do it. If you really do want to eat ballpark food (I know, there’s something special about it), at least bring your own water and don’t drink and beer or soda. You can bring one sealed water bottle into Chase Field, which can be refilled at drinking fountains around the stadium. Even a water bottle costs six dollars inside the ballpark.

I hope this was helpful, and please use this comments section as a forum for discussing ways to save money at the games.