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Snake Bytes 3/5: Pitching Like Last Year

A beautifully pitched game leads to a shutout of the Cubs and a sigh of relief.

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Arizona Diamondbacks Photo Day Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Diamondbacks 2, Cubs 0

A returning and effective starting rotation returns this year with an apparently improved bullpen that led many of us to believe pitching is the strength of this team (barring injury due to lack of depth). It just hadn’t happened yet this spring until today. A beautiful box score on the pitching section loaded with zeros and familiar names like Walker, Bradley, De La Rosa, Shipley and our new Japanese friend Hirano. The games still don’t matter, but it will be nice to see some more positives emerge on the pitching side.

Diamondbacks Yet to Determine Who Will Be Closer

I don’t even know who to root for in this battle. Bradley may deserve it most, but he’s just so good in the setup role. Hirano did it just fine in Japan so he has the experience and the kind of splitter that can make him highly effective against aggressive hitters in the ninth. We haven’t seen much of Boxberger yet, but that appears to be coming soon. Honestly, the 7th, 8th, and 9th innings are all vital and I am hopeful we have three guys to fill it.

Ketel Marte ‘Better Than Average’ at 2B in First Start for D-backs

This was coming sooner or later. Since he hasn’t played second base in a couple of years he needed the reps. His manager gave him a “better than average” score, which I am sure Ketel will take. With Ahmed on the roster and Owings a super-utility guy, Marte will be needed at second base this year.

Lack of Depth a Concern for Diamondbacks Rotation This Year

This has been a frequent topic of conversation at the ‘Pit. If one of the five goes down, the D-backs have a couple of options to fill the gap and survive the storm. If two goes down, that’s when things might get scary. Not sure if you can count on either Delgado or Miller at any point this year. Shipley is an option with some experience, although much of that experience is underwhelming. It would take too much luck to find another Zack Godley this year if needed.

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