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Snake Bytes 3/28: The Final Countdown

Arizona enjoys a final day off before the real season begins tomorrow night against the Colorado Rockies. With the final roster now set, the opening day starter and closer named, all that remains is for Torey Lovullo to decide on what lineup the team will use. There are plenty of options, and it may be that no one knows until a few hours before the first pitch of the season.

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Opening Day Roster and Scouting Report

Who are the 2018 Arizona Diamondbacks, and what might one expect from them?

The Five Best Diamondbacks Opening Day Performances

The Diamondbacks have had some big opening days in team history. Will this year’s outing join future such list?

Diamondbacks History, Chapter 3: Organizational Advocacy

Part three of an ongoing look at the history of the franchise, covering the 2008-2012 seasons.

2018 Starting Rotation Rankings

Despite returning the same outstanding rotation of 2017, Arizona ranks only seventh, tanks mostly to the glaring lack of depth behind the front five.

Taylor Clarke Named Impact Prospect

MLB Pipeline sees Arizona’s #7 prospect, Taylor Clarke, as the prospect most likely to make a big impact on the team in 2018. The right-handed starter was Arizona’s third round selection in the 2015 draft and will begin the season as a member of the Reno Aces’ rotation.

How the Ketel Marte Extension Came to Be

Despite what has occurred across baseball over the last month, these sorts of contracts are not yet typical.

The Winners and Losers of the Marte Contract

Despite appearing to be a win-win contract for Marte and the Diamondbacks, is there a darker side that is creeping in on baseball?

Scott Kingery and the Prisoner’s Dilemma

While the focus of this article is Scott Kingery signing a major league deal before having played a single game at the highest level, the entire piece could just as easily apply to Ketel Marte, who only a few days later signed a very similar contract under somewhat similar circumstances.