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Dbacks 3, Indians 3: Ties are weird

Baseball was happening... and then it just wasn’t!

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks-Workout Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports

A gorgeous day at the ball park today, with the roof open, a good handful of mostly Dbacks fans, and a few high clouds adding the finishing touch. Less stellar was my experience at the concessions stand at Chase Field, but that’s possibly another post for another day, and I digress.

Both Taijuan Walker and Trevor Bauer looked really good today, with neither giving up much of anything. Bauer did allow a double to AJ Pollock in the first inning, but also struck out Peralta, Goldschmidt, and Lamb that inning so nothing came of it.

The fourth inning was kinder to the Diamondbacks. Lamb drew a one out walk and went to third on a single from Ketel Marte. Alex Aliva grounded out, allowing Lamb to come home. That’s where that ended, however, as Owings flew out the next pitch, ending the inning.

The Indians tied it up the next inning with two singles and a force out bringing in the run. Solo home runs in the sixth and seventh then gave them a lead, so the Diamondbacks went into the bottom of the ninth trailing by two.

Daniel Descalso, one of only two recognizable names left in the game, lead off the ninth with a single and was promptly pulled in favor of Camden Duzenack. Anfernee Grier walked. Drew Ellis doubled, scoring Duzenack, and Marcos Wilson walked to load the bases. Joe Vinicio grounded into an unproductive force out, and then Kristopher Negron grounded into one of his own, but this time it scored a run, tying the game. That was the ball game, however, as John Ryan Murphy flew out, ending the game in a tie. Don’t like it. It’s weird and different, and just nope.

Off day tomorrow and then Opening Day on Thursday. If memory serves, there are a few more roster cuts that need to happen, plus I heard a rumor about the Snake Pit Staff’s win projections going up tomorrow, so it won’t be a quiet off day. See ya there!