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Snake Bytes 3/26: Time to Rest Core

A Diamondbacks win, a Goldy scare, and a DH

Arizona Diamondbacks Photo Day Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Diamondbacks 8. Rockies 3

A nice game of hitting and running by the middle infielders today. Clarke pitched great. Soon these teams will be playing for real and I am excited.

D-backs Make Pair of Roster Moves

DH = Designated Herrmann. Sorry for the headline. Looks like John Ryan Murphy has showed enough to the team. With Avila batting lefty and a deep outfield, Herrmann’s usefulness as a lefty batting catcher/outfielder has diminished. Jorge De La Rosa looks to be on the roster as well and getting paid. Good for him. Good for everyone if he can continue to get lefties out.

D-backs Tomas to Focus on Defense in Reno

A very good idea.

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Real or Not? Six Big-picture Themes That Will Shape 2018 Season

Juiced balls, six-man rotations, bullpen revolutions, and pace of play are all discussed. David Shoenfield looks at Chase Field, but if home runs are down, who is to say if it is unjuiced balls or humidified balls that make a difference?

Two Truths and a Lie: The Hidden Forces That Effect How Catchers Perform at the Plate

An outstanding article written by Ben Lindbergh. So much goes into catching, it is without wonder why offensive numbers are sometimes discounted.