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Arizona Diamondbacks 2, Chicago White Sox 15: Worst. Spring. Game. Ever.

Or, at least, certainly ranked.

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Record: 12-11-1. Change on 2017: -1.

Through seven innings this afternoon, the Diamondbacks were being murdered. They had conceded 15 runs to the White Sox and were also being no-hit. Know how many games in the entirety of major-league baseball history have combined those two things? One: Jake Arrietta’s no-hitter in 2016, when the Cubs demolished the Reds, 16-0. While there are no formal records of such things in spring training, I’d be pretty impressed if anything had ever matched it. So, all hail Alberto Rosario, a 31-year-old catcher with 44 career major-league PAs, and 2,539 in the minors. He may not have had a more glorious career moment than his at-bat leading off the eighth inning for Arizona, when his double ended the no-hitter.

It had not, to put it mildly, been a good day for the D-backs to that point. Albert Suarez did his best to pitch his way out of a bullpen spot, being charged with five runs on five hits and three walks in 2.2 innings, striking out a pair. But then, after 1.1 innings by Fernando Salas, Neftali Feliz said, “Hold my beer!” It’s not often one outing wrecks a player’s chances, but he and Taylor Grover compared to face ten consecutive White Sox batters in the seventh, without retiring a single one: Salas allowed five straight hits, then Grover went single, HBP, single, walk, error (by 3B Chris Owings...). Over a 43-pitch spell, the only out was a TOOTBLAN, before a double-play mercifully ended the seven-run frame.

Kris Medlen allowed three runs over two innings, before Michael Dimock gave us our best pitching line of the day, tossing two scoreless with a trio of strikeouts. This also let Arizona get on the board: a Luis Silverio triple scored Rosario in the eighth, and Silverio then came home on a Christian Walker ground-out. Kevin Medrano got the D-backs’ third and final hit with one out in the ninth. There have been bigger losses in spring: I remember the one back in 2010 where the Astros scored 24 runs. But I doubt there have been many more one-sided than this drubbing. Oh, and Yasmany Tomas went 0-for-3 with two K’s, making him 0-for-7 with six strikeouts between here and Sunday. Rounding into form, I see... :)

Tomorrow, it’s off to one of the more picturesque stadiums, Tempe Diablo, for a game against the Angels. Robbie Ray starts, and I’m fairly certain it will go better!