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Annotating #DHallChat on Twitter

Team president Derrick Hall took to the Twitter to answer questions yesterday. We round them up, and the best questions he didn’t answer...

@dbacks, via Twitter

No mention of Jon Duplantier, who is the #1 pick on the lists of both Minor League Ball and Baseball America? Seems odd when Robinson only just slides in at #10 on BA, and isn’t ranked by MLB, while Tabor is outside the top ten on both.

It will be interesting to see where the team payroll goes from here - not just in this season, but through the next couple of years, as the likes of Paul Goldschmidt and A.J. Pollock reach free-agency.

Here’s one, from a name you might recognize

It’s a difficult balance to strike. I’d like to see the broadcast team making more use of these numbers: while they get mentioned in passing, I’d like them to become part of their everyday language. Then, people who come to the ballpark are more likely to be familiar with these advanced numbers: right now, not everyone hangs out on Fangraphs... :)

Translation: probably not. With the team having reached the playoffs, that should result in a bump in attendance: last post-NLDS years (2012 and 2008) saw increases of about 72,000 and 185,000. I expect that to be the focus of marketing, and the team should not need to offer such a deep discount on seats.

The team would appear to have reached their payroll cap. However, I use the italics, because we were told that about $15-20 million. But I’m always averse to paying big bucks for the “proven closer”, and would rather we continue to go the way we’ve gone, of looking at people who have done the role in the past, but now come a little cheaper for whatever reason.

Correct answer: because they make us look like the Rockies. But Imma let Derrick be more diplomatic.

To fill in the blanks, the Orioles announced yesterday their “Kids Cheer Free” program, under which adults who have bought a regularly priced upper deck ticket to any game in April (except for Opening Day), to bring two kids under the age of 9 in for free.

And, finally, the question on everyone’s lips...

I think the liability issues involved in allowing a fan to drive the cart during the game would probably nix that right out the gate, but I can see fans being allowed to ride it around the warning track with Baxter before the game...

And a selection of questions he didn’t get round to...

The last is a particular pet peeve: Chase Field when it’s full is a nightmare, from getting in, to the bathroom lines, and is one of the reasons I avoid Opening Days. Give me a sub-20,000 crowd against the Padres on a Wednesday night, any time!