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Snake Bytes, 3/15: Greinke Threat Level = Yellow

Zack Greinke’s groin is a cause for concern. I’ll take sentences I didn’t want to write for $200, please, Alex

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National League Wild Card Game - Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Team news

[MLB] D-backs' Zack Greinke exits after one inning - Manager Torey Lovullo was optimistic that the early exit was primarily precautionary and would not significantly impact Greinke's ability to be ready by Opening Day. He said no scans were planned at this point and emphasized waiting until Thursday to get a better idea of Greinke's condition. "[Greinke staying on schedule] would be the best-case scenario, but we'll use precaution," Lovullo said. "We're not going to force-feed anything here and make him go out there and perform just to jam 50 or 60 pitches down his throat. We want to make sure that he's OK."

[The Athletic] After Zack Greinke’s groin injury, taking stock of the Diamondbacks’ rotation depth - The right-hander said his groin had been tight the last few days, although he didn’t consider it to be anything other than normal spring soreness. He felt a tweak leaving the mound at the close of the first inning Wednesday and, because groin issues are new to him, felt it necessary to say something. Quickly, Suárez was getting hot in the bullpen. “It’s a different injury I’m not used to, so I didn’t really know what to expect from it,” Greinke said. “I talked to the trainers, and instead of going out and pitching and not using my lower body at all, it was just ideally taking it the safer way.”

[AZ Central] Miller back on mound after Tommy John surgery - “I thought I’d maybe be a little shaky with my command,” Miller said after throwing off the mound for the first time since undergoing Tommy John surgery in May. “The command was right there, kind of like where I left off. It was kind of nice to see that. It was good to get back on the mound and get that box checked.” Miller admitted to some emotions before getting started, saying he “almost kind of teared up” before getting on the mound. He was thankful his parents and sisters were in town to watch him throw. “It was a special day,” he said. “It was a big step in the right direction.”

[The Athletic] Should the D-Backs pursue Greg Holland? - With many of the top remaining free agents signing in recent days – and often at bargain prices – does it make sense for the Diamondbacks to jump in? Specifically, should they pursue former Rockies and Royals closer Greg Holland? Let's be clear: I don't have any indication the Diamondbacks are actively courting Holland, although I've been told they're not exactly closed off to the concept either. But, based on what little we know, I don't think it's an open-and-shut case for or against the Diamondbacks targeting him.

[AZ Central] Goldschmidt remains reliable in a changing baseball landscape - Goldschmidt is more than the face of the Diamondbacks’ franchise. He is their rock. And his dependability could shine brighter than ever in the coming months, anchoring a franchise evolving as fast as the sport. “At a really young age, my dad taught me that you don’t show up your opponent,” Goldschmidt said. “You respect your teammates. You respect the coaches. You respect the guys you’re playing against. And most of all, you respect the game. That means a little something different to everyone. But I know what it means to me. And I can control my actions.”\

And, elsewhere

[ESPN] Which team would be MLB's best if every player were in his prime? - What if in 2018, every player played as well as he's ever played? If every player in baseball were in the middle of his prime for this one year alone, which team do you think has the best shot of winning the World Series? So we did it. We found the 25 best players in every team's organization, where "best" means "best season they ever had," using Baseball Prospectus' model for wins above replacement.

[Yahoo] MLB launches food festival with the best stadium food from all 30 stadiums - If you love stadium food, then Major League Baseball has created just the event for you: The inaugural MLB Food Fest is happening April 21 and April 22 in New York City and will showcase the best food from all 30 MLB stadiums. So, yes, all those crazy food items that teams are trotting out these days and causing you to drool on your phone — they’ll all be taste-tested under one room. We’re talking the Arizona Diamondbacks’ Churro Dog, the Houston Astros’ Chicken Waffle Cone, the San Francisco Giants’ Crazy Crab Sandwich, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Cheeto-lote and the Seattle Mariners’ Toasted Grasshoppers. [And, no, ish95, we are not paying for your plane ticket!]

[SI] Phillies Reap the Reward of Tanking Culture They Helped Build by Landing Jake Arrieta - If every team were willing to spend, Arrieta likely goes elsewhere, or at least doesn’t have to settle for a three-year deal. And if enough teams were trying, then the bar would likely be too high for the Phillies to fight for the wild card as currently constructed. The boon is two-fold: Not only did the rebuilding teams and luxury tax help make Arrieta and Santana more affordable, but they also cleared the path of potential contenders. In the past, 80–85 wins likely wouldn’t have been enough to get into the playoffs; now, it’s possible that Philadelphia could squeak into the postseason without having to break the 90-win threshold.