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Snake Bytes 3/1: Patrick Corbin Makes Spring Debut

Corbin surrenders one run while bullpen depth blows up late.

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Arizona Diamondbacks Photo Day Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Rockies 9, Diamondbacks 3

Corbin goes 2 innings in his first start while giving up a solo home run in the second. First starts of the spring, especially for veterans, mean close to nothing. However, during the first half of the season, it was first inning woes that troubled the D-backs’ lefty. It will be interesting to see how Patrick pitches early in games this spring. It is just so difficult to evaluate players this time of year. Perhaps organizational depth matters most when it comes to winning these games. Many of us seem to agree that depth is a bit thin after the top 25.

Marte Preparing as D-backs Starting Shortstop

It makes sense that Marte should be given first crack as the starting shortstop. But when Ahmed is in the lineup and with Owings being a super-utility player, Marte may see some time at second base. I suppose if you can play short, you can play second too. Will be interesting to see if he gets some time at second this spring.

Healthy Tomas Ready to Win Spot in Crowded OF

If anything, Tomas might be more motivated to prove himself this year after roster changes. Nothing like the threat of AAA, somewhere, to spark a fire. Last year, he barely managed to get a hit in spring. Won’t be good enough this year. He claims to be healthy. That matters. Also, with Pollack probably moving on next year, the Tomas experiment may never end.

D-backs Debut Felt Like Little League for Souza

He does seem eager to play and have a positive attitude. He needs to feel comfortable this spring as he prepares for the regular season. It is then, that we can begin to evaluate him as a player on this team.

D-backs Hope Jarrod Dyson Lifts Their Running Game to a Whole New Level

The D-backs have been solid in the stolen base and baserunning department. But they haven’t anyone with blazing speed. At least Lovullo will have a pinch running option late in games that he hasn’t had before.

How Big Is the Souza/Martinez Gap with the Humidor Installed

A very well-written article about home runs at Chase with the humidor installed. An article is referenced that suggest home runs will decrease between 25 and 50 percent depending on the month and weather. Wow, that to me is a massively high number. I’ll believe that when I see it.

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