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Generic Open Thread #2

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Here’s this week’s pin-board for, y’know, whatever...

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It’s the last entirely baseball activity-free week until, potentially, November! Because pitchers and catchers report in the middle of next week. Will any more free-agents be signed between now and then? Or will the current freeze of signings develop into a new ice-age? The D-backs, meanwhile, may not be as constrained by payroll as was originally thought. And a team won the Super Bowl yesterday, should you care about that sort of thing, which personally, I don’t...

Some people seemed to be interested in the trip to Scotland which Mrs. SnakePit and I took a couple of weeks back. It wasn’t strictly speaking a holiday. My Mom has been having some health issues (she and my Dad are both in their eighties, so it kinda goes with the territory); we were helping out at home since my sister, who still lives in the area. was out of town. But it was still a break from the norm. and certainly a change of climate! Here are a few pics that we took on the trip, along with some bits and pieces of commentary.