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Spring Training Gameday Threads #4/5: 2/26 @ Reds/vs. Rockies

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Double your pleasure, double your fun...

MLB: Spring Training-Arizona Diamondbacks at Colorado Rockies Cheryl Evans-USA TODAY Sports

Diamondbacks line-up @ Reds (1:05 pm)

  1. David Peralta LF
  2. Nick Ahmed SS
  3. Daniel Descalso 2B
  4. Christian Walker 1B
  5. Alex Avila C
  6. Kevin Cron DH
  7. Jeremy Hazelbaker RF
  8. Ildemaro Vargas 3B
  9. Evan Marzilli CF
    + Robbie Ray P

Diamondbacks line-up vs. Rockies (1:10 pm)

  1. Rudy Flores DH
  2. A.J. Pollock CF
  3. Paul Goldschmidt 1B
  4. Jake Lamb 3B
  5. Cesar Puello LF
  6. Chris Herrmann C
  7. Jack Reinheimer SS
  8. Rey Fuentes RF
  9. Kris Negron 2B
    + Braden Shipley P

Ah, the joys of split-squad spring training games. I kinda think it would be fun to sprinkle a couple of these in the regular season for each team, just for amusement. Of course, you’d probably have to temporarily expand the roster for the team involved, say to 30 players. But it would certainly make for some interesting management decisions, if the team had to play twice at the same time, maybe even in different cities (never mind your basic double-header). Do you punt one game and put all your good players in the other? Or do you try and balance things out so both line-ups have a decent chance of winning? Below, find my stab at two 2017 roster split-squad line-ups for the D-backs. Can you do better?

  1. Pollock CF / Peralta RF
  2. Owings LF / Marte SS
  3. Drury 2B / Goldschmidt 1B
  4. Martinez RF / Lamb 3B
  5. Descalso 3B / Iannetta C
  6. Walker 1B / Tomas LF
  7. Ahmed SS / Rosales 2B
  8. Mathis C / Blanco CF
  9. Greinke P / Ray P

Anyway, usual spring-training split-squad gameday thread protocol will be in effect: be sure to mention to which game your comment refers, if there’s potentially any doubt! Neither game appears to be on the local radio or TV, so fend for yourselves...