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Snake Bytes 2/26: Exhibition Time

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It appears that worries about Greinke’s velocity won’t be so consuming this spring.

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Arizona Diamondbacks Photo Day Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Brewers 5, Diamondbacks 1

Spring is back. Beautiful weather, cold beers, seasonal allergies, and concerns about Zack Greinke’s velocity. Perhaps, we can take the last point off the list. Greinke reportedly was throwing at the 91mph that we know and love. However, Zack is saying that his command is bad and to expect his next start to be bad. Maybe we should add “meaningless baseball” to our spring list.

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D-backs Hope to Try Humidor Balls This Spring

It took a year to build and use. I’m sure it was expensive, but not too expensive for KK to handle. I know how to build a humidor with a plastic storage bin and a wet sponge in less than 5 minutes for 5 dollars. I could’ve helped.

As for play on the field, I would need to see at least a full year’s worth of play to have enough of a sample size to even attempt to analyze its effect. So many variables get in the way of a proper analysis like weather, degree of juice in balls, and player performances. But I am sure, every time Goldy hits a ball to the warning track, there will be some D-back fan out there somewhere cursing the humidor under his breath.

D-backs Robbie Ray Looking to Build on 2017

Most of us aren’t too worried about Ray regressing. It might be because it is so vitally important to have him be his best self. Anything less would cause serious problems to the team. It feels like he has more greatness in him, that’s enough for me, for now.

Diamondbacks Catcher Micheal Perez Slugging His Way Into Big Picture

Josh Burke at Venom Strikes doesn’t make the most compelling case of a rise for Perez to the big leagues, but it is still possible. He was a fifth round pick in 2011 and has had an up and down minor league career so far. For the Diamondbacks to be competitive beyond their current window, they will need a few guys like this to emerge. I’m rooting for him.

Around MLB

Tim Tebow Sprains Ankle Running Over Sprinkler Head

I have a couple of jokes in mind, but none of them are politically appropriate. Sorry. I was surprised to read he only hit 8 home runs in A ball last year. Probably because they were all on the front pages, it seemed like more.

With J.D. on Board, Sox’s Lineup Will Rival Yanks’

We will see. AL East optimism is another tradition of spring.