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Spring Training Gameday Thread, #1: 2/21 vs. Rockies

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Quick! Before the novelty of playing the Rockies wears off!

San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Darin Wallentine/Getty Images

Diamondbacks line-up

  1. Jeremy Hazelbaker CF
  2. Chris Owings DH
  3. Ketel Marte SS
  4. Christian Walker 1B
  5. Chris Herrmann C
  6. Yasmany Tomas LF
  7. Ramon Flores RF
  8. Kris Negron 2B
  9. Ildemaro Vargas 3B
    + Matt Koch P

Sticking my neck out here, and think there will probably be some other people pitching after Koch today. Suspect he probably will not be going for the complete game, just missing out on that by seven or eight innings. But I haven’t heard any word yet on who might be coming out of the bullpen. Otherwise, it’s at least slightly more of a meaningful line-up than Wednesday: I put the over/under at players listed above who make the Opening Day 25-man roster at 3.0: Owings and Marte are near-locks, then you’ve got Herrmann, Tomas and Hazelbaker as possibles.

Koch will be looking to have a better 2018 than 2017. Let’s face it, at the major-league level it couldn’t go much worse. He became only the third NL pitcher since 1961 to allow three or more earned runs in a season without retiring a batter. The other two are Brian Harvey also allowed three for the 1995 Marlins, and Dennis Tankersley, remarkably, gave up SEVEN earned runs without retiring a batter, in his only start for the 2003 Padres (after being staked to a four-run lead!). So, here to a kinder, gentler 2019 for Koch. This one’s on the radio, ESPN 620 AM specifically, so tune in if you can.