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MLB Team Banners & Slogans

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I put together a collection of every team’s banner from their team website to see how each club is being marketed. I did a similar exercise back in 2013 and enjoyed how silly it was. Unfortunately, it was much more interesting last time. I guess teams are steering away from creative designs and are going with more simple layouts... or they just haven’t updated yet for the new season. That said, I still thought it would be fun to share the collection and compare with last time. Filling the void in one of the last non-baseball days of the offseason!


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The 2018 hashtags haven’t been released yet but here are the ones from last season. The D-backs have been using #OurSeason for a couple of years now so it might be a good idea to stop using that... maybe #OkThisTimeItReallyIsOurSeason.

Toss out your own ideas. Probably going to see a lot of 20th anniversary flair throughout the season.