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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball rides again...

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#AreYouSmarterThanMikeHazen? #WhatAboutDaveStewart?

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Time to start up the SnakePit Fantasy Baseball experience once again! I’ve already renewed the Premier League for the 14 top competitors there. If the two winners of the feeder leagues would care to make themselves known and claim their promotions, I will send them invites to the Premiership. These will go to the email address on file for their SnakePit accounts, so they should make sure those are accurate.

For everyone else, we will be having a lower tier as well, though we’re chewing over the format for that. I’d rather have one tier of 16 committed players, rather than two divisions half-filled with players who have abandoned all hope and interest by the All-Star break. So, please think carefully about whether you’re going to be one of “those people” everyone hates. But if you’re willing to be there for the full six months, post in the comments below, and we’ll see how it goes. It’ll be first come, first served as far as slots go, and room will depend on what works best. So if you’re not in the first dozen, no guarantees...