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Snake Bytes 2/22: Roster Ready

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The D-backs waited for J.D. to sign elsewhere before being sure on what to do next

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MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks-Media Day Sean Logan-USA TODAY Sports

Tomas Faces Battle in Suddenly Loaded Outfield

My wife has been telling me to be less negative. I will try. For Yasmany, I will have to try REAL hard. He has a decent power game as evidenced by his 30 home runs 2 years ago. As for his other 4 tools - at least he drives fast. He could be a DH in the AL. Or in the NL he could be a last-ditch hope for a home run late in a game. Without sounding negative, my advice to him would be to save your money, invest conservatively, and never have to work a full day in your life. When your GM brings in 2 outfielders in 2 days and doesn’t want to talk about you, that makes sense.

Souza, D-backs Expect Smooth Transition

Our newest member talks about the “great dudes” on the team he knows like Goldy, Lamb, Ray, and Ahmed. If Souza is a great dude himself, he will fit in well with this team of great dudes. When your best player is an unassuming pro and you don’t have any toxic personalities, team chemistry will be strong. It is strong for the D-backs.

Elite Speed Sold D-backs on Dyson

Despite stealing bases, the D-backs have lacked elite speed for some time. It will be interesting to see how going with speed over power in your 4th outfielder works out.

Diamondbacks’ Trade for Steven Souza is Latest Win-now Move

Of course, winning now means different things to different teams. The D-backs want to win now within budgetary reason. But it is hard not to love this trade and the hope that it keeps the winning window open for a couple more years at least. The valley does not need another Phoenix Suns type rebuild.

Around MLB

Remember 2016? These Cubs Could Be Just as Good

Must be nice for Cubs to have real optimism with a recent past to support it. Personally, I’d be fine with the Cubs to return to being the lovable losers.

Baseball’s Economics Aren’t as Skewed as They Seem

An interesting article at The Ringer about labor and owners. Perhaps baseball does have a better system than a salary cap. At least the poorer teams have time to develop young players to field a strong team to compete with the big markets. Sounds like owners and players are all making their fair share.