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Arizona Diamondbacks reveal 20th anniversary patch and celebrations

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This year marks two decades since the franchise started in 1998.

Here’s the full version, with an explanation of the various elements:

The patch will be worn on team caps, jerseys, etc and the plan is also to have it on balls used at Chase Field this year. Generally, reaction so far on social media seems to have been positive, though I did see one comment - which makes sense - that the large 20 in the middle is redundant, due the “20th anniversary” below it, and the patch would have been better with the A in its place. What do you reckon?

As mentioned, this is just one element of the various festivities to commemorate the anniversary. For example, the 31st March game at Chase Field against the Rockies, takes place exactly 20 years after the first Opening Day game against the opponent. The first pitch on that night will recreate the original first pitch, with Andy Benes on the mount, throwing to Jorge Fabregas, with Mike Lansing at bat. The anthem that night will be performed by Sam Moore, who part of a group that sang The Sta Spangled Banner on Opening Day in 1998. The first 20,000 fans will also get this replica jersey:

Funny, I have a couple just like it, already in my closet... You are also invited to help select a 20th anniversary team, who will be honored on a T-shirt given away at the August 4 game, when the Alumni Game will also take place. An interesting exercise: though I’d be inclined to move Craig Counsell from the strong selection at second to shore up the incredibly weak class at short - Willie Bloomquist? Really? - even though he did play more at 2B (albeit only about 40% of his starts). Be interesting to see to what extent the players selected line-up with the selections we made over the winter.

Throwback Thursday will continue, with the D-backs wearing uniforms of the inuagural team and each of the six which qualified for the post-season, as follows: April 19 (1998 home uniform), May 3 (1999 Purple Alternate uniform), May 10 (2001 Home Vest uniform), June 14 (2002 Home White uniform), July 5 (2007 Home White uniform), Aug. 2 (2011 Red Alternate uniform) and Sept. 6 (2017 uniform). That sound you hear is Charlie sighing heavily and adding a few extra rows to his spreadsheet...

Of course, there’s a case to be made that the 20th anniversary is not exactly a significant milestone - I have T-shirts older than that in my closet - and this is simply a cynical marketing ploy. But there’s no denying the team have given us a lot of memorable moments over 20 years, and I, for one, look forward to reliving some of them over the next few months.