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Pitchers pitching! Catchers catching!

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Never has gentle limbering and long-toss been so avidly appreciated! Well, since last spring training opening day, anyway...

@Dbacks via Twitter

As @FoxSportsAZ reminds us, it has begun...

What? You want actual proof that our long national nightmare is over? Will you take 15 minutes of said gentle limbering and pitching? Well, the D-backs were live on Periscope this morning with exactly that, and seems llke 8,600 or so people were entranced by it:

Have a random selection of other Tweets, also proving much the same.

Good to see that some things don’t change:

There was a brief flurry of excitement when people noticed there was an empty slot in the Arizona locker-room, between #27 and #30... In case that’s not clear, J.D. Martinez wore #28 for the Diamondbacks last season Torey Lovullo was quizzed about this during his press conference [vid via @Cap_Kaveman]

Finally, here’s a throwback Tweet:

Quite takes me back to the days of “Adriano Rosario,” who eventually turned out to be his cousin, Tony Peña. Funnily enough, seemed like every year after that, his arrival in spring training was delayed due to “visa problems”...

Now begins the countdown till we’re bored by this practicing and start to demand actual, meaningless baseball games. Which will then begin the countdown to being bored by spring training games and demanding Opening Day! But for now, it’s just nice to see the players we’ll be following for the next eight months, wearing Sedona Red and doing what we expect from them!