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Generic Open Thread #3

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In 48 hours, pitchers and catchers will be reporting...

Newborn lynx kitten at Novosibirsk Zoo Photo by Kirill Kukhmar\TASS via Getty Images

I imagine this will probably be the last one of these: by next week, with the pre-season well under way, we should have sufficient news ‘n’ stuff for Snake Bytes to be making a more regular appearance. Over the weekend, we saw Yu Darvish sign for the Cubs, on a six-year contract worth $126 million: as with many this year, that’s less than was originally expected at the beginning of the winter. One wonders how much more he would have got, if he had not crapped the bed so deliciously in his two World Series starts for the Dodgers. It’s probably no exaggeration to say that less than a handful of innings may have cost him $10 million or more on his new contract.

We’ll see if that deal helps cause some other dominoes to fall, opening the door for others to sign this week. Obviously, that’ll be more likely for the pitchers than the position players, where we’re still waiting to see where J.D. Martinez will land, as discussed in last night’s round table. But who cares? PITCHERS AND CATCHERS REPORT THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW! The winter is almost over, folks!

Now, talk among yourselves...