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Snake Bytes 12/13: Anything happen?

Rumors, dealings, nothing much.

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When are we going to bring back this shirt?

Diamondbacks News:

Bradley could have leg up on Dbacks closer job.

“I think if you were going to come up here and arm wrestle me and force me to give you a decision,” Lovullo said, “I’ll probably start with Archie Bradley as the extreme back-end of the equation.”

Joe Maddon on Goldschmidt trade.

“I don’t like the Diamondbacks right now at all, I really don’t,” Maddon said Tuesday, knowing the NL Central rival Cardinals had strengthened their batting order. “When he sashays into the clubhouse and everybody sees him walking in there, they all become better. That definitely makes them much more difficult to beat next year.”

This is what is sounds like, when hipsters cry.

Derrick Hall on the Goldy trade and the future of Chase Field.

We don’t want downtown to change much. I like the impact that we’ve had...”

Hall also addressed fears that the D-backs could spend the next few year rebuilding.

Around Baseball:

The Scott Boras metaphor generator will explain exactly what’s going on in the Winter Meetings.

What is he going to say next? Well, that’s up to you. SB Nation is proud to present the Scott Boras Metaphor Generator!

Start saying your goodbyes to Tampa Bay baseball now.

I just can’t get it out of my head that MLB has tired of underwriting and subsidizing a franchise with bad attendance when it already has one of those in Florida. And if you think anyone is going to try to nudge baseball man/god Derek Jeter and the Marlins from Miami, you’re daft. Jeter beats the Rays, again.

The active secondary market at the Winter Meetings is progress for baseball.

In recent years, Williams pointed out, “There haven’t been a lot of commitments to players making this kind of money. So this is a significant shift for us. We’ve been laying in the weeds for a couple of years and focused on rebuilding, and now it’s time to add to the team. We’re in that mode now. And we fully expect to make more deals. This is the first of more to come.”

How do seagulls know it is the ninth inning of the ball game?


Off Topic Snake Story:

8,300 year old stone snake skulls reveal stone-age ritual ceremonies.

Even then, they were praying to snakes. Godley be praised!