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Winter Meetings Open Thread, Day 1

A clearing house for all the news that’s fit to print. Or not...

Lewis v Rahman X

The winter meetings are under way in Las Vegas, always a peak time of the off-season for rumors, deals and rumors of deals. With the Diamondbacks already having made one huge move, trading away Paul Goldschmidt, we’ll be looking to see if they follow up that seismic event with further steps down the rebuild path. Will Zack Greinke remain in Arizona? Are other teams sniffing around the likes of David Peralta and Robbie Ray? Feel free to post any

interesting rumors you’ve heard about in the comments (with sources, naturally). Or talk about whatever else you want. Except for gun control, like happened briefly the last time we used a picture of the Mandalay bay. This is us not going there. again, and this is me, hovering menacingly overhead...